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I am a program manager with full-stack developer experience. I am a results-driven professional, leading teams to develop innovative technology. I focus on customer experiences and business performance.  

I use Kanban principles and methodologies to manage multiple projects and products simultaneously. I have found a simple dashboard, visible to the team, works well to identify bottlenecks while working through the backlog. Visualizing the team's progress is also helpful when adding new features to the Roadmap and prioritizing development for Sprints.

From client consults and observations I develop User Stories and Use Cases. I typically start development with UML, Class Diagrams, and Sequence Diagrams. I also have expert proficiency in test and integration.  

I have extensive experience developing object-oriented software written in C, C++, Java, and C# at SEI CMMI level 5. I am also proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, .NET, XHTML, JSON, and writing SQL queries.  

Whether through Agile or Waterfall I lead local and remote teams to deliver on-schedule and to specifications. I bring a wealth of best practices and leadership to any project. I am available to join your team. 


Akbar Starkley


Project Portfolio Highlights

Wind Salt


Natural Health & Bath consumer products, sustainably sourced.



On-demand legal services.

Fog City Sales


Classifieds with integrated maps.


Partner Manager

  • Top 50 Media Publishers

Product Development

  • Piston Induction Engine
  • Fog City Sales
  • Project Visualization Dashboard
  • LocalLegal
  • Wind Salt

Software Development

  • SEI CMMI Level 5 
  • Object-oriented: User Stories, Use Case, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams, UML
  • C, C++, C#, Java, Makefile, Perl, shell scripting (Bourne, Korn), SQL
  • Mac, PC, UNIX (Solaris)
  • .NET
  • Javascript, JSON, HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML
  • Android

Test & Integration

  • Co-authored and executed a test plan, with traceability to software requirements, for a software system with over one million lines of code
  • XRunner: automated test scripting