Project Leader

MBA - Electrical Engineer - Veteran

I was born in Brooklyn (full stop)

Growing up in New York City was like having the Internet before the rest of the world. For us, New York was the capital of Earth.

I read Scientific American as a middle schooler. My passion for technology grew and never abated, thank you George Lucas.

I studied electrical engineering in California and business in Arizona. 

I am focused on climate change solutions.


Master of Business Administration 

W.P. Carey School of Business

Arizona State University

Magna cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of California, Santa Barbara

Curriculum Vitae

Every Product Has a Story

What are you building?

My passion is building technology that serves everyday people. I build apps, launch consumer products, and develop cleantech. 

Every product has a story. A few years back, I launched a company to promote natural products. I quickly realized “natural” did not mean what I expected. From there I started development on a platform that would tell the product’s whole story. I wanted to know where everything that went into the product was from and how it got to me. I wanted to know about the packaging too, the containers, the labels, the inks all of it was part of the story I was trying to tell.

The people who created it are one part of the story. The land the product was sourced from or the waterway it was plucked from are also part of the story. The resources used to manufacture the product, how it traveled to market, who sells it and why they sell it, who buys it and why they buy it are also key elements in the story. What the product returns to the community it came from and what impact the product has on the world are in every consumer product’s story. My grand discovery was transparency in sourcing is the first challenge of sustainability. Only through the product’s whole story can we know what we are buying and what values we support.

I am an experienced cross-functional team leader that brings deep product insight, the mindset of ownership, and a good sense of humor. I am available to join your team.